Gear for Fencing

Gear needed for for MSFA novice Classes:

 MSFA provides gear for the first 3 six-week sessions.  The foils and masks are plastic and we also provide a glove and chest-pad. 

 You need to wear tennis/court shoes that you put on when you arrive, never wearing the shoes you wore outside on the fencing floor.

 Additionally,   You may wear shorts and a tee-shirt for basic drills and warm-up when no one is going to hit you, but then, you will need/want a bulky sweatshirt or top of some kind to train or fence with others.  There is no guarantee as to how hard they will hit you.

It is okay to start purchasing your own gear while in the novice classes.  Get a mask and glove first as these are items you will “for sure” need anyway.

 If you wish to continue as a novice after 3 six-week sessions, you must supply your own gear.

"Blue Gauntlet Gear"  for MSFA Students
The following link has lists of gear for the various levels of fencers at: MSFA


Direct shopping link to Blue Gauntlet Fencing Gear